Fun Facts – Why Do Hair Goes Grey?

One of the factors that contributes hair going grey could be stress in our everyday life; from meeting tight deadlines, managing expectations and many more. These stresses would slow down the production on melanin. So, how do you increase melanin production?

  1. Consume food that has plenty of protein. According to research, prolonged protein deficiencies causes hair pigmentation to fade.
  2. Expose you skin to sunlight. Your skin is stimulated naturally to produces melanin when exposed to sunlight. However, be careful with the UV rays and get as much sunscreen as you can.
  3. Learn to relax and take a break from your routine lifestyle.

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One thought on “Fun Facts – Why Do Hair Goes Grey?

  1. Cool facts!!!! I love stuff like this. It’s so interesting and fun to learn! Thanks for sharing these! Definitely going to be taking more protein! haha


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