Sri Petaling Opening Celebration

Sri Petaling Opening


为了回馈大家开业以来的支持,Enliven Sri Petaling于2018年1月28日星期天舉辦开业盛会,當天中午11am~3pm,本店 将会提供免费自助午餐和幸运抽奖。请大家 踊跃参與
凡是在当天签购10次护理配套的新顾客们,將免费获得一支Hair Tonic或Ginseng Tonic和体验一次Essence Treatment (总价值RM136)及参加当天的幸运抽奖!共18份大奖等待您领取,千万別錯过。
但凡会员当天 介绍新顾客签配套者则可获得一对二的头皮护理。


1 x RM1000 现金礼卷
1 x RM500现金礼卷
1 x RM300现金礼卷
5 x RM50现金礼卷
10 x 11种草药精华液头皮护理

Enliven Sri Petaling 约定你!

Dear Valued Customer,
Enliven Sri Petaling will be having Grand Opening Celebration on 28th January 2018, Sunday from 11am till 3pm at Enliven Sri Petaling Outlet. Buffet Lunch will be served and we are having Lucky Draw on the day. Please come by and join our celebration feast!
New customer who sign up a ten-time treatment package on 28th January 2018 will entitled for a free Essence service and a bottle of Hair tonic or Ginseng Tonic(worth rm136), and chances to win a Lucky Draw Prize!
Existing member who sign up additional ten-time treatment package will entitled for a bottle 500ml Shampoo with chances to win a Lucky Draw Prizes.
All products offered at a discount of 25% on the day for all existing and new customer
Existing members who introduce their friends or family signing up package for the first time will also be gifted with double up free treatment

Lucky Draw Prizes:

1 x RM1000 Cash Voucher
1 x RM500 Cash Voucher
1 x RM300 Cash Voucher
5 x RM50 Cash Voucher
10 x 11Herbs Essence Treatment

See you on 28th January 2018, Sunday


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