Results within 2 months!

Results after 2 months

Speed of hair growth may vary for each person. This is due to many factors; from the environment they are in, to the diet they take. What’s important is that we continue to nurture and protect our hair. Below is one of our client’s remarkable results within 2 months. He came consistently each week for Enliven’s organic hair treatment and with the usage of Enliven’s Essence to further boost scalp’s nutrients.

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Consistency Shows Hair Growth Result

We often feel our hair takes a long time to grow. And that is true because; on an average, the speed of a new strand of hair grows at 1.25cm per month. And there are many conditions (eg. pollutants, diet, scalp condition) that hinders the speed of hair growth. Thus, it is important to ensure your scalp is healthy and clean.

The outcome from one of our customer’s consistent visits for treatment, shows improvement in his hair growth results. With regular visit to Enliven Hair Care center, your scalps is cleanse and nurtured.

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